We work with diverse and cross-industry clients including museums, institutions, organizations and corporations. From science centers to art museums we follow the same principles of good design that begins with listening to our clients and understanding their goals, needs, inspirations and challenges. 


Our clients are true partners. We feel that the more collaborative the process, the better the outcome. In our approach and process, we develop an environment of respect, dialogue and engagement. We want our clients to feel ownership in their project, in the beginning, and all the way through to opening. Because our projects are built to be flexible and adaptable, the relationship of the client to the experience is on-going. With visitor and community interaction and engagement built into every design, we rely on our clients to create programming and events to continue giving relevancy and life to the experience over time and beyond its physical space. 


We are invested in each project, we truly feel a part of it. We continue our relationships with our clients beyond opening day in order for us to be a resource for them and for us to learn and grow from feedback over time.



From our clients:

“When you’re at the Burke it feels like one of my leadership team has walked in the door — and now we can get more work done. Thank you for working with us so well and so hard.”

Julie Stein, Director

Burke Museum


“I can keep thanking you...for the incredible design you have given us. We are now starting our new content phase…topic: water. I love you guys and thank you. …And do know, I would work with you and your ideas every day of the week and month and year if I could… You guys are really really good.”

Julie Mancini, Director

Mercy Corps Action Center


“I witnessed first-hand their creative talent, effective decision-making, attention to detail and solution — based approach. In addition, I found their staff to be flexible, friendly, and fun to work with — they always maintained a level-headedness and cool temperament, even as we neared opening.”

Eric Miller, Director of Exhibits

Mobius Science Center


“Thanks for your service. We are very happy with WRC.”

Rob Lindsay, Manager

Water Resource Center

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