We love our work. We love the opportunities it’s given us to partner with diverse and cross-industry clients, including museums, cultural institutions, and non-profit organizations of varying size and scale, both local and national. We actively pursue projects that inspire action, projects that make real impacts. We’re especially drawn to work in which we re-imagine experience into something new, something unique, something that resonates with audiences and communities in a special way. As persistent problem solvers, we embrace the specific challenges of each new project. And we are always ready to put our creativity and systematic processes to work and, using collaboration and community engagement, make something wonderful happen.



From our clients:

“When you’re at the Burke it feels like one of my leadership team has walked in the door — and now we can get more work done. Thank you for working with us so well and so hard.”

Julie Stein, Director

Burke Museum


“I can keep thanking you...for the incredible design you have given us. We are now starting our new content phase…topic: water. I love you guys and thank you. …And do know, I would work with you and your ideas every day of the week and month and year if I could… You guys are really really good.”

Julie Mancini, Director

Mercy Corps Action Center


“I witnessed first-hand their creative talent, effective decision-making, attention to detail and solution — based approach. In addition, I found their staff to be flexible, friendly, and fun to work with — they always maintained a level-headedness and cool temperament, even as we neared opening.”

Eric Miller, Director of Exhibits

Mobius Science Center


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