Planning & Design


Whether planning a new museum, refreshing an existing brand, or designing a specific exhibit, we take an integrated approach to our work. We consider how the experience we are creating will become a living component of the community. How will it be remembered? How should it change over time? This approach of thinking across time as well as spaces lets us create immersive and engaging experiences that connect with people, and that remain powerful and fresh in an ever-changing world. 


We begin each project by getting to know you and understanding your goals, needs, aspirations, and challenges. Then, we research. A lot. We reach out to your leadership, staff, and communities. We connect with your audience and stakeholders. Together, we build a thoughtful team. Throughout every project, we apply a creative and systematic approach to all phases of planning and design. And we implement an efficient and transparent method of project management. We work collaboratively to generate ideas and possibilities, to develop options and solutions, and to transform your vision into a powerful, memorable experience.



Creative & Systematic


Creativity is an unbridled explosion of brainstorming, innovations, outside-the-box thinking, and what-if-we-try possibilities. Systems are about building a solid foundation and working with consistency and efficiency. To some people, those may seem like contradictory approaches.  But not to us. Creativity and systematic thinking are both integral to our work. Combined with collaboration and community engagement, they are the methods by which we meet challenges, solve problems, and design the perfect solution for each particular project. 



However, we know things change: audiences, needs and wants, stories. So systematic should never mean rigid. Our projects are enduring because we design to allow for change over time. We use a systematic approach to create experiences that are reflective of and responsive to the audience. That’s what makes them relevant. That’s what builds audience investment and engagement. And that’s what every client and every project deserves.


Collaboration & Community


Collaboration fuels our work, because the more collaborative the process, the better the outcome. From clients to consultants to community members, we work to include everyone’s perspectives and insights in the design process. Through consistent and effective coordination, Renate’s collaborative approach infuses richness, vitality, and, most importantly, relevance into every project. We foster collaboration by building open and transparent communication into all aspects of our workflow, in every phase from kick-off through completion. True collaboration — sharing ideas, tackling challenges, and reaching solutions, together — is what we enjoy most about what we do.  


We put community at the heart of each project. With our emphasis on collaboration, we have developed proven methods for engaging community members in the planning and design process. And we integrate the community itself into the experiences we create, sharing their stories and focusing on their active participation and contributions. No design firm can be expert on every community. That’s why we come to each project ready to listen, to learn, and to ask productive questions. And why we apply each client’s and community’s insights to create designs that transform your vision into a powerful experience.  

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