Our expertise in experience master planning includes brand, identity and experience development. We work with our clients, staff and board to create a plan, often delivered as a book or presentation, that captures the essence of the institution and identifies its mission, goals and audience. The plans describe the interpretive approach, framework and organization that becomes the foundation of the (new) institution. This work is used to bring the staff, board, visitors and community together to build excitement, investment, to fundraise and promote, and to guide the architecture and exhibit design.


Our work in experience design includes exhibit and environmental design and development. Integrated within this work, we also provide graphic, 3d, content, sound, audiovisual and interactive design. We have an integrative approach to design that considers all details: message, audience, voice, space, form, light, look & feel, pathways, engagement and impact. We consider how a visitor interacts on-site, how the we connect through social media, how the experience becomes a living component of the community, how it is remembered and changes over time. This approach helps us to create a unified, immersive and engaging experience for each project.

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