We are a small core team. That’s our superpower. With over twenty years of experience each, Anne, principal and founder, and Caroline, creative director, are pursuing our ideal work at Renate. Together with Amelia, designer and project manager, and Zachary, an experienced museum professional and community engagement specialist, we bring energy and passion to everything we do. We build on this core team based on each project’s specific needs, engaging a diverse range of freelancers and consultants for additional insight and expertise. Renate’s collaborative process allows us each to bring our multiple talents and unique personalities to our work. We truly love what we do, and we pursue each project with dedication and joy.


Our primary team:


Anne Bernard / Principal

Experience: 22 years

Principal and founder of Renate, Anne oversees every project. She leads the collective design team, providing oversight and support, and fosters synergy between the team and clients. With over twenty years in the field, she brings in-depth understanding of institutional and organizational challenges. Her thoughtful and inquisitive nature has drawn her to work that embodies transformation: from re-imagining an institution to making an experience collective and inclusive. 


Caroline B. Gut / Creative Director

Experience: 20 years

As creative director, Caroline leads the creative vision for each project. She oversees all components of the experience, from story and space to interaction and immersion to communication and collaboration. On any given day, she may be working on brand development or graphic design or media storyboards. And every day, she champions the project’s aspirations and the client's vision with enthusiasm, lots of ideas, and smiles all along the way. 


Amelia Tyson / Designer & Project Manager

Experience: 8 years

With a background in architecture and a passion for organization, Amelia brings a balance of creativity and pragmatism to her work. As a designer, she weaves narrative into the built environment,from comprehensive content organization to the minute details of code  requirements. As a project manager, her systematic thinking keeps projects smoothly coordinated from concept through opening. She applies a thoughtful and rigorous approach to solving all design challenges. 


Zachary Stocks / Project Coordinator

Exprience: 8 years

Specializing in museum learning and community engagement, Zachary provides strategic insight on visitor experience and participation in the cultural sector. As Project Coordinator, he draws on his previous roles in nearly every department of museums to support operational and content objectives. As an advocate for inclusion and equity in our public institutions, he believes experience design has a transformative potential to advance human dignity and positive social change.



Extended Team & Partners

We're lucky to work with our extended team of freelancers: Grace Andrews, Content Coordinator; Karina Salgado, Graphic Designer; Dylan Woock, 3d Designer and Renderer; and Carla Borden, Copywriter and Editor.


And, partner with architecture firms:

Allied Works Architecture

ALSC Architects

Ennead Architects

Flad Architects

Hacker Architects


Olson Kundig

Opsis Architects

SHKS Architects


And, fabrication powerhouses:




Pacific Studios

Pinnacle Exhibits


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