Our core team leads each project’s creative vision, development and management from start to finish. Depending on each project’s needs, we reach out to our network of highly skilled designers, producers, editors and writers to bring their expertise to the project. We maintain relationships with architects, fabricators and builders both locally and around the country. Because of our super-collaborative process, it is of the upmost importance to have a cohesive and enthusiastic team built on proven past work together.


Below are brief bios of our core team: Anne, Owner/Principal; Caroline, Creative Director; and Amelia, Designer and Project Manager.


Anne Bernard / Principal

Principal and founder of Renate, Anne oversees each and every project. She leads the collective design team, providing oversight and support, and fosters synergy between the team and clients. With over twenty years in the field, she brings in-depth understanding of institutional and organizational challenges. Her thoughtful and inquisitive nature has drawn her to work that embodies transformation: from re-imagining an institution to making an experience collective and inclusive.


Caroline B. Gut / Creative Director

As creative director at Renate, Caroline leads the creative vision for each project. She oversees all components of an experience from story and space to interaction and immersion to communication and collaboration throughout the design process in order to transform that vision into reality. Any given day, she may be working on brand development, graphic design, media storyboards, or dabbling in writing. Regardless of task, she champions a project’s aspirations with enthusiasm, efficiency, lots of ideas, and smiles all along the way. 


Amelia Tyson / Designer & Project Manager

With a background in architecture and a passion for organization, Amelia brings a balance of creativity and practicality to her work at Renate. As a designer, she weaves narrative into the built environment, from comprehensive content organization and visitor flow through a building down to the minute (and important) details of object arrangements and code requirements. As project manager, her aptitude for systematic thinking lends itself to coordinating projects from concept through to opening. She absorbs clients’ needs and aspirations and applies a thoughtful and rigorous approach to solving design challenges.

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